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 Live Music Schedule

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Bill Pedalo

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PostSubject: Live Music Schedule   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:21 pm

This is what I have lined up as of 8-18-10, when I say lined up I mean booked and expecting to play on The Shores of Sanguis on said date.

August 22, Edward Kyomoon
August 29, Am Quar and every other Sunday following.
September 5, CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster and ever other Sunday following.

All are scheduled to play from 5-6slt.

I am not sure if Edward Kyomoon will be a return performer as it has not been discussed with him, and he is not cheap!! But dam he draws them in, he had 50 head packed in Sheries the other night, and of course time dilation wet to 0 and poof we were gone. He does have a good show and we can decide if we would like to have him back after his show, and if so I will see what kind of deal I can work out with him ans his manager, as a lot of these acts have a one show rate, and a different rate for recurring shows.

Thats about it for now, but forever working on it, and looking for new acts. I will need the copyable sign for promo pics ASAP, and lets not forget to get the donation boxes out at least 4 of them in various locations, so to be easy access for all.

As for the dance balls I will keep my eyes open for some additional dances for them, but think they will hold us over until I get some.
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Live Music Schedule
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