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 How do promotion work ?

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King Kurghan
King Kurghan

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PostSubject: How do promotion work ?   Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:50 pm

at least for now

Post here the name of a person - rank , you would wish to give a chance to step up to Archon which will be the rank that would in the future lead to Elder and being in the council.

People must be in the clan over a month ( can change that later down the line to longer, i don t think it should be any shorter )

Officer, unlike hese builder, land managers and other positions must have social skills and be able to be available to help.
They should help Elders and Royals with everyday's taks, giving blood, monitoring blood, helping members with all bloodlines stuff, potions, conversions etc etc . Relief Council members from tasks.

They should have skills that bring something to the team and a fair bit of playtime. Officers must be active of course.

That s it for now, we need to go . Add any thoughts here.

Dang Krys plz make this a sticky or i will later Razz
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King Kurghan
King Kurghan

Posts : 72
Join date : 2009-05-01

PostSubject: Re: How do promotion work ?   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:44 am

Clarification please read carefully:

1 st I heard several of you : " Lindens is very important, I think we should not get promotions based on how much we donate to the clan

NOBODY every got nor will ever get a promotion based on donations.
Donations show that people are willing to help supporting the sim which is great but it doesn t give em the skills or personality, time , dedication to be an officer or assume any other position in the clan.

Many people have donated money and never have and never will be promoted.

2nd Promotions are not a cookie or a medal.
We promote people to a position ( officer/ land manager / clan builder etc etc ) to give em a chance to shine and to bring something to the table, be an asset to the clan, b ring their ideas and skills and be able to be part of the leaership .
We do not promote people because they re nice, because they have been around a long time etc etc etc

I hope it is clear enough to everyone, these promotions are like a new official job. Officers will and should be steady solid people that help with everyday's tasks. promoting the club and sim, representing the clan, helping members preparing their question, teaching liege classes if needed, monitoring blood lvls in and off world, greeting and showing people around the sim if / when needed, helping members with the sim tours and conversions etc etc ...

It s a job, not a cookie. We want it to be very clear to everyone in the council and to every member. It s not a reward , a medal a cookie, it s a job ! With more power comes more responsibilities, more playtime dedicated to the clan, less for yourself, the more power the more responsibilities. Archon rank should be 1 st step into the world of decision making and introduce them , prepare them to the realities of leading a clan .

Hope that's clear to all .
When we have enough active participating members again, we can have the member of the month again if you feel the need to congratulate and thank a member who has shown great participation in the clan's life. We could have medals also ceremonies whatever else to show that we do notice and care and seperate this from being promoted . I think many are confusing reward with promotion.
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How do promotion work ?
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