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 DCS Tournament

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PostSubject: DCS Tournament   Sun May 30, 2010 3:55 pm

Sunday June 6th at 1 pm slt, we will be having a DCS fighting tounament, this event is geared towds beginners but all are welcome. appon arrival you will recieve the DCS hud for free, inclucding a basic sword (others are availble for sale)

We will then have some instruction and prectice before the tournament.

it will be a three round elimination bout, the final winner recieving a trophy, medal and 500 linden
Second prize will be medal and 250 linden
3rd and 4th will recieve 125l and a medal

there will alos be a "ring girl" beauty contest

equal linden amouts will be given in this competition

winner recieving 500 linden
Second prize 250 linden
3rd and 4th will recieve 125l

Hope to see you all there
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Posts : 47
Join date : 2010-04-23
Age : 55
Location : Phoenix

PostSubject: results of tournament   Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:47 pm

We had the first DCS tournament today,
Hope Leissa and her minion Vizmo Starship fought int he first round of competioion, Hope beat him in tewo rounds to advance.

Minuth Bigbear and Brian1 longfall fought and Minuth defeated brian dispite brians fast sword.

Pinch Pinazzo fought Chubby Braxton, and held her own very well until she was defeated in two rounds

Minuth got a buy in the second level Hope and Chubby fought hard, but Chubby won again after two hard rounds

Chubby again achieved victory over minuth and won the 500 linden prize and recieved the trophy and medal.

Everyone had a lot of fun even though brian kept threating to show his pink thong, an obvious distraction tactic.

We wil be scheduling another Tournament soon, but feel free to come to arena and practice, and enjoy yourselves
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DCS Tournament
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